Sensor Circuit
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Microwave Sensor Circuit

Sensor has 16 sensitivity adjustment, sensing distance adjustable 0.3 - 10m. The microwave sensor module is non-contact displacement probe-type modules, RFI ability, independent of temperature, humidity, light, air, dust impacts can be installed in a certain thickness of the plastic, glass, wood and other non-metallic shell which facilitate their application to control a variety of products or equipment above.

Ultrasonic Sensor Circuit

Ultrasonic sensor automatically sends eight 40khz square wave and automatically detect whether there is returning pulse signal. If there is signal returning, output will be high.

PIR Sensor Circuit

This PIR sensor has a sensing distance of 3m to 7m, with delay time between each trigger 0.5 - 200s adjustable. When sensor is triggered, output will be high.

IR Sensor Circuit

This IR sensor detects distance of 5cm, suitable for small projects. It will trigger when object is in range, and reset when object is not in range. On trigger it will give a high output.