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Digital Luminosity/Lux/Light Sensor BH1750FVI

This sensor has built in 16-bit AD converter with direct digital output, omitting the need for complex calculation and calibration. It does not distinguish between ambient light. 1 lux high-precision measurement of a wide range of brightness.

EL Light 2.3mm

EL Light works best in dark environments. Pair it with a suitable driver and connect power and you're all set. EL Light comes in many different colours and length. Common applications for EL Light can be for dance costume, car angel light, product highlight and many more!

EL Light Inverter 12V 6m

This inverter is sound activated. Clap your hands to see it light up!

LED Ceiling Light 12W

Reduce your power consumption with LED lights! LED have longer lifespans, are brighter and easy to install. Get yours today!