LED Ceiling Light 24W

Reduce your power consumption with LED lights! LED have longer lifespans, are brighter and easy to install. Get yours today!

Replace your home ceiling fluorescent light with LED ceiling lights! LED lights are very energy efficient and consume roughly about 1/2 the power while producing almost 3 times the brightness. LED lifespan is 10 times longer than fluorescent which means you have to replace 10 fluorescent lights before replacing a LED light! Best part of LED light is that it does not become dim after prolong usage as compared to fluorescent lights. LED lights also produce very little heat and does not require any starter or ballast. This LED ceiling light is designed for easy installation. There are magnets on the back of the LED light, so all you need to do is supply a main power and stick it on the housing. Up and running is less than 5 minutes!

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